About Us

Hi there,

A number of years ago I wanted to sell my boat and I started looking around for a website that was reasonably priced and offered great features. I was not impressed with what was avialalble so I decided to create and develop my own online classified site for Power and Sail Boats. It worked out pretty well becuase within (10) days of completing BoatYardTrader.com I received a call on my cell phone from a gentleman located in Michigan. He was surfing the internet searching the exact make and model of my boat! It didn't matter that my boat was the only one listed either! He paid me fifty percent in advance to change boat status to sold on the website. Two weeks later he drove to Winter Park, FL picked up my boat and paid balance due. This was all accomplished by this website!!!

I spent decades in IT sales and marketing roles. I've launched new products into new markets, set sales records and traveled more than two million miles on Delta Arlines alone, so I've been everywhere I suppose...

BoatYardTrader.com is my life now and I want to convey as best I can that we're committed to bring you the highest quality performance based maritime classified online advertising service available.

We understand the need for a focused service to attract quality buyers and sellers. The depth and design of our database is far reaching, spanning every imaginable type of maritime vessel, detail and accessories.

Our plan to provide maritime classified online service went well beyond just listing a web site on the internet (anyone can do that) and dreaming the business would grow. Our business strategy combines well-seasoned talent and expertise to drive demand and create opportunity within our maritime market segment. It's our belief a reputable classified service should engage all available sales and marketing tactics, traditional, nontraditional, proven and out of the box.

In closing, it's our utmost desire to earn your business as well as maintain your trust for future consideration and reference.

If you are a Boat Owner, we have two exciting plans to chose from within the top menu bar selection "Listing Plans." If you are a Dealer or Broker, please feel free to contact us directly for additional information or service regarding a custom marketing plan to suit your budget and marketing needs.

Thank you for your consideration and time!

Tom Moch
Founder & CEO BoatYardTrader.com

Tom Moch